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SplitInfinity Time Motion Experiments

As a hobby, photography and time-lapse has become a very important part of my life. I admire many of the lapsers I see on Vimeo and YouTube. I am an avid user of @MiLapse Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dollies and various other home-built contraptions. I am an electronic engineer by hobby as well and this pairs well with my time-lapse experiments. I am looking to get pro level results and any and all feedback is much appreciated, bad or good. If you want to get into this, I'd be happy to answer your questions and share what I have learned as well.

  1. Time Lapse Big Bear Lake

  2. spacelapse

  3. Sedona Time Lapse 1

  4. Vegas Lapse - Apple TV (2nd Gen.)

  5. Jossie Cheer Comp

    Calvary Christian Academy - Cheer Competition 2-15-2014

  6. Stars From Porch

    My very first time-lapse using @MiLapse Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly with my Nikon D3. I love the first segment. Wish I had done it longer. The second segment is longer but lacks the clouds darting across the sky. I will go for longer, weather-stricken time lapses next. Please leave your comments.



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